MOBILE ADVERTISING POWERED BY DATA, DATA AND MORE DATA. Mobile has changed the world forever and in doing so it's impacted the way brands measure their display advertising campaigns. Data analytics is an evolutionary process where the results of each campaign inform the next. We’ve solved a critical campaign data capture problem to empower the marketer with control, ownership and a true understanding of their data.


For Media Agencies & In-house marketing teams who rely on DoubleClick or Atlas for billing and reconciliation, but need access to mobile campaign exposure data. Phluant’s Open Data Access Point (ODAP) provides a smarter way to extend your capabilities and accurately measure mobile campaign performance.

Phluant was built for mobile and designed from ground up to measure and capture the integral exposure data brands need to accurately measure campaign effectiveness.


Data Management Platforms are only as valuable as their reach and matching ability of users across ad medium. Phluant's Open Data Access Point (ODAP) provides a scalable, single point tag-based solution to collect and pass integral identity measurement data from every mobile ad impression across all ad networks, exchanges, sites and over 850,000 apps directly.

Data analytics is an evolutionary process where the results of each campaign inform the next.The ODAP solution for DMPs allows brand marketers to un-silo and own their data for use today and into the future.


Advertising Effectiveness studies require accurate and dependable access to campaign exposure data across the totality of a brand's budget. Phluant’s Open Data Access Point (ODAP) provides an elegant and scalable solution for easily capturing anonymous exposure data.

Current approaches to capturing data have a number of failure points and are limited in reach and scope. Phluant empowers brand measurement everywhere across the mobile landscape.


For Customer Relationship Management Platforms that want to empower marketers with a 360° view of the customer, Phluant's ODAP provides an new way to connect mobile campaign exposure and performance data to existing client profile records within the CRM. The customer journey has never looked so clear.


DOJO is the most complete and precise mobile ad serving and measurement platform built for marketers. Deliver, measure, attribute and understand the ROI of every impression across all creative types, everywhere in mobile. Use its powers to increase the capabilities of DoubleClick & Atlas or as a standalone platform to manager all of your mobile display campaigns.

  • Deliver Any Ad Format Everywhere Across Mobile
  • Viewability Built In
  • Conversion Tracking - post-click & view-through
  • Dynamic Data Driven Creative Capabilities

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Media is a commodity to buy. Data brings your message to life and creates value for your brand and your audience. Phluant allows you to ignite creatives with real world data from first and third party sources. Data driven creative makes your messages more personalized and more relevant.

Match media with real-world data. Dynamically create ads using real-time signals to bring your ads to life, like: time, location, weather, price, device type, platform and more. Use data to seize the moment and capture attention.

We have a full range of dynamic mobile ad formats to meet any sophisticated marketers needs.


ODAP makes capturing mobile campaign exposure data easier for Brands and their measurement Partners. The platform simplifies the complex, just like good technology should. Through ODAP our clients can access integral identity signals like Device ID, IP Address & Lat/Long data from over 850,000 apps, sites, networks and exchanges directly. Using ODAP as your single point of access to mobile exposure data offers considerable benefits like data control and ownership, universal reach and efficiency of workflow.

ODAP is a simple to use SaaS based system. Append our smart impression pixel to any ad then sit back and enjoy some coffee as it does the work once reserved for teams of geeked-out ad tech pros. When the ad is served the ODAP pixel collects all relevant data and passes it back to the Brand’s partner, be it a DMP, CRM, Research Firm or Campaign Management Platform, like Atlas or DCM.

We are Phluant. The leading provider of advertising intelligence and mobile media solutions. Our team is dedicated to delivering the kind of technological ingenuity and superior customer experience that can help you turn data insights into real-world impact.

At Phluant, we do what we love and we love what we do. We also understand that passion alone does not translate to success. That’s why we foster an environment that inspires productivity, collaboration and achievement. We encourage growth and creative thinking, while always keeping the needs of customers top of mind.
CONNECTED TO OVER 850,000+ MOBILE INVENTORY SOURCES. Phluant has an open data access point, connecting brands to every mobile media source
Our partnerships span the industry’s most innovative companies. Companies that deliver concrete results for clients. Data and Ad Server partners who provide compelling insights to positively impact your bottom line. And technology partners who define what it means to truly be at the forefront of the digital advertising space.

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